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Entry by Soule Surfboards in The Boardroom Show's 2023 "Best in Show" category

6'0" · 20" · 2 5/8" "Flying Woodsman" Bonzer5


Hand laminated Carbon wrap bottom

Basalt inlay wrapped in 6/4 oz E glass

Hand-made brush handle fins w/carbon

Copper mica powder pin line

Sanded 400 finish.

  • Thank you @campbellbros @bonzer_front @campbellbros_vehicles for the many years of design innovation and inspiration, and for being the kind souls that you are.

  • Thank you @billhamiltonsurf for showing me the ropes to hone my skills, and for supplying the band-aids for the many bloody knuckles I endured sanding between those fins.

  • Thank you @bingcopeland @bingsurfboards for years of innovation and inspiration. Happy 92, Bing!!! It was a pleasure and honor.

  • Thank you @usblanks for sponsoring this event, giving shapers the opportunity to meet each other and learn from each other, and for the great blanks that are our building blocks.

  • Thank you @birdssurfshed for the generous use of the surfboard stand for the show.

  • Thank you @boardroomshow and Scott Bass for the opportunity to showcase our work.

  • And to all of the wonderful connections that we made this year... Thank You All! It was an amazing show!


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