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Throwback to 2010 as a surf guide at Kandui Resort

I had been there for nearly one year, absolutely destroyed all of my short boards, and needed one for the rest of the season for the smaller surf sessions. Here I am riding one of @josh_kerr84 old boards. It's a 5'10" Rusty by surftech. It was, I believe, 2" thick and 18 1/2" wide. Super thin for myself, but it worked on those powerful reef breaks.

If you know me, you know that I would never ride an overseas made surfboard, let alone buy one! In this case, I tried it and it actually rode pretty well, so I bought it.

Just before heading back to Kauai, I ended up giving it away to a local Mentawaiian kid (Basi) that had no board. He was super stoked! I still have the memory embedded in my mind -- his smile, his energy, and his absolute stoke!


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