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As I look forward to a new year, I also take a look back over my shoulder – with gratitude. For over 30 years I have tested, broken, and refined boards at breaks in countries throughout the world, including: Australia, Baja Mexico, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Costa Rica, Indonesia, New Zealand, Panama, and Spain. I also have tested and refined boards in Hawaii, Florida (where I started my shaping endeavors), Puerto Rico, North Carolina, California, Oregon, and Washington State. I’ve lived in the US Virgin Islands (11 years), Hawaii (14 years) and now the PNW (9 years). I have learned from legends and from novice back-yard shapers alike. I utilize all of this information that has been gifted to me and apply it to every aspect of board building from start to finish, concept to design.

Thank you to everyone that has ever inspired this love of mine for wave-craft and this incredibly beautiful art form. And thank you to everyone that has believed in me and has supported me all these years.

I am so very happy that I could put a smile on your face, get you on some beautiful waves, and stoke you out!


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