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Sweet 6-Footer For Sale. Shaped from an In-House EPS Block-Cut. Convertible Fin Option: Quad or Twin + Knub.

6'0" · 19 1/2" · 2 5/8"

In-house block cut recycled eps with 1/2" high density foam stringer.

Quad setup for a drivier feel in steeper, bigger surf.

Single FCS center plug for a twin plus knub option and a looser feel in mushier, smaller surf.

Single 6oz bottom with full length carbon/aramid tape reinforcement for extra pop and an added 6oz area fin patch.

Double 6oz deck with 2/3 carbon/aramid tape reinforcement and carbon tape heel reinforcements.

Finished weight comes in at 6.5 lbs.

  As always, 100% handmade by one pair of hands in Fremont, Seattle, WA, USA.

🌊Enjoy the Ride! 🤙


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