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Thrill Pill 😱💊

6'8"x 20"x 2 3/4" - pu/bio-epoxy

A customer was looking for something similar to the original Chill Pill model but leaning more toward something that would be easier to handle and could still be a wave catcher. The result... We've tweaked it out to be a sleeker, more streamlined version of the Chill Pill model. Which, in turn will be easier for one to handle in or out of the water... Also, providing enough foam to still be a wave catching machine.

Tweaks and twerks include:

  • Reduced wide point, moved slightly forward;

  • Thinned out nose reducing swing weight;

  • Slightly higher rail apex for increased stability;

  • Lengthened double concave with increased vee resulting in a softer rail to rail transition;

  • Same Split Keel Quad / Thruster fin set-up for maximum wave riding capabilities and higher performance level.

As always, every Soule Surfboard built plants one mangrove tree 🌱 in Indonesia via @seatrees

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