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Tri-Fin Thruster - 6'6" x 19 5/8" x 2 11/16" - EPS/Bio-Epoxy

While most folks want the option of five fin boxes these days, I do still build tri-fins/thrusters. This design set-up will never go out of style, in fact they're making a noticeable comeback lately. They tend to be a bit lighter by leaving the two extra fin boxes - with added resin weight - behind. They are most likely intended for specific surfing conditions, such as hollow point breaks, lurching beach breaks or just about any waves that are not mushy. This particular board is designed with overhead, hollow point breaks in mind.

As always, this board is 100% handcrafted in Seattle, WA, USA.

Every Soule Surfboard plants one mangrove tree in Indonesia via @seatrees. 🌱

It also gets you a free Soule Surfboards t-shirt. 👕

Enjoy the Ride! 🤙


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