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Seafoam Twin Channel Pin - "The Woodsman"

Seafoam Twin Channel Pin - "The Woodsman"

6'0" x 19 3/4" x 2 5/8"

Four shallow channels = Less cavitation and more drive.

EPS - Entropy Bio-Based Epoxy.

6 oz Bottom. Double 6 oz. Deck.

Freehand resin art in honor of Zen painter & calligrapher, Sengai Gibson (1750-1837).

"The circle-triangle-square is Sengai's picture of the universe. The circle represents the infinite, and the infinite is at the basis of all beings. But the infinite in itself is formless. We, humans, endowed with senses and intellect demand tangible forms. Hence a triangle. The triangle is the beginning of all forms. Out of it first comes the square. A square is the triangle doubled. This doubling process goes on infinitely, and we have the multitudinously of things, which the Chinese philosopher calls 'the ten thousand things', that is, the universe."

100% crafted by one pair of hands in Fremont, Seattle, WA, USA.

Every Soule Surfboard purchased plants one mangrove tree in Indonesia via @seatrees and also gets you a free Soule Surfboards t-shirt.


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