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Twin Keel Fish with Handmade Upcycled Birchwood Fins


This board model was inspired by Steve Lis, inventor and innovator

of the original twin-keel fish.

Dimensions: 5'5" x 21" x 2 1/2".

The fins are handmade, double-foiled keels.

Bottom contours consist of a rolled or bellied planing surface, slight single concave throughout, and vee off the tail.

Glassing Schedule includes a 4oz bottom and a 4/4oz deck, 4oz tail patch, laminated with a 30% plant-based bio-epoxy @entropyresins. All over a polyurethane blank.

This board features an airbrushed tan deck, pool table felt green bottom with mustard yellow vintage stripes, outlined by black resin pin lines and upcycled wooden birch plywood fins.

As always, this surfboard is 100% hand-crafted and built by one pair of hands.

Get some Soule in your next board!


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